NBA Annual Meeting, April 23, 2016

On April 23, 2016, the NBA held it’s Annual Meeting of the Membership at 3 Capri Ct.

BryonBassaddressingNBAmembersOn the agenda was an NBA Update, Financial Update/Budget Approval, Dredging update, voting for NBA Officers, and Open discussion.

During the NBA update, President Bryon Bass shared that Lloyd Watson’s home at 9 Sorrento Way was in escrow. He also shared that the lot at 1 Capri Ct has been purchased by Queenie Zhang. Queenie and her family were in attendance during the final minutes of the meeting.
NBA Meeting

Treasurer Gary Scheier provided a financial review and budget for 2016. The NBA is in solid financial shape, especially considering the $100 special assessment many homeowners paid last year. The special assessment funds have not yet been utilized for dredging matters, so the Officers will come to the membership for approval of fund usage as projects arise. The membership approved the budgPeterBuettnerSigningLetterset as proposed.

Dredging committee leader, Sam Ferguson, shared the latest updates with respect to dredging. Over the past few years, more than 40 meetings have been attended with various politicians, the City of San Rafael, and other parties interested in dredging the San Rafael Canal. The City of San Rafael has entered into an agreement with Napa, Petaluma and Vallejo to explore a P3 arrangement to find solutions to the dredging needs of shallow draft waterways in the region. Sam stressed that even with a P3 arrangement, many projects are not being funded. So, it is more important than ever for us to keep this matter in front of our politicians. To that end, a letter was drafted for Congressman Huffman, Assemblyman Levine, and SenatLillianTracDredgingLettersor McGuire asking for their support to find fundsPeterGregorySigningLetters to dredge the San Rafael Canal. Those in attendance at the meeting signed the letters and they will be sent on April 25. If you were not in attendance and your would like to send a letter with your support, a PDF of the letters is available by clicking here.  More to come as the P3 arrangement kicks-off.


Also noted was it is time to assess what the maintenance dredge needs of each basin. The dredging committee will meet to discuss the matter in coming months and reach out to your basin captains with information and action needed for our community dredging.


Secretary Lillian Trac led the voting for Officers for the 2016 and 2017 year. The existing officers were nominated to continue their roles and the membership voted to approve President Bryon Bass, Secretary Lillian Trac, and Treasurer Gary Scheier to another 2-year term.

Secretary Lillian Trac led the open discussion and asked if NBA members were interested in a community garage sale, at the request of Bill Jones. Many stated yes and asked that it occur prior to Memorial Day or in July. Lillian will be in touch with specifics. Keep you eyes peeled for news.